Micro-insurer omocom partners with Van Ameyde

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Swedish micro insurance provider Omocom announces its cooperation with Van Ameyde Scandinavia for claims handling. Omocom’s mission is to make sharing safe for owners and renters alike. By utilising the confidence that insurance provides, the aim is to reduce thresholds and encourage people to enter the circular economy, reapling the benefits of more circular consumption patterns.

With a flexible API the appropriate insurance coverage for each and every sharing transaction is created, meeting the needs of a growing number of users worldwide.

Claims arising from insured risks need handling and omocom has chosen to partner with Van Ameyde. “Working with Van Ameyde is a huge benefit for us as we need to be prepared to increase our capacity when scaling our product to new geographies. Van Ameyde’s knowledge of and experience in handling complicated claims will provide us with the tools needed to facilitate this journey,” says Emanuel Badehi Kullander, omocom’s co-founder.

At present, omocom focuses on peer-to-peer sharing, but the company wishes to expand to other sectors of the circular value chain, such as b2b and b2c renting models. The vision is to become a natural part of the circular economy. Van Ameyde will ensure that omocom’s insurance liabilities are met.


Providing claims management in sharing economy

“Working with omocom provides us with an amazing opportunity to support the sharing economy with expertise that is usually reserved for the insurance and risk management industry. We can help them scale up and expand to other disciplines. Intelligent IT solutions, ranging from robotics and machine learning to straight-through-processing, help us cope with peak demand,” says Anders Grotte, Business Development Manager of Van Ameyde Scandinavia.


About omocom

Omocom was founded by Emanuel Badehi Kullander and Ola Lowden Landström in 2017. Alongside researchers at leading universities in Sweden risk calculation algorithms have been developed that enable omocom to make real-time risk assessments on digital platforms. Today, the company employs eleven talented and enthusiastic visionaries sharing the goal of making omocom a natural part of the circular economy.


About Van Ameyde

Van Ameyde is Europe’s market leader in the area of IT-driven claims management as well as knowledge-based commercial loss adjusting and surveying. The company’s in-house IT Division develops IT systems and functionality geared to supporting customers with their digital transformation.

Forward thinking

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